Below are a list of projects that I have created or worked on at some point:

  • GeneralizedHyperbolic – An R package for working with the generalised hyperbolic and related distributions.
  • GOMstreamer – Provides Starcraft 2 streams for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • grConvert – Converts between PostScript, SVG and PDF image formats in R.
  • gridSVG – Renders R’s grid graphics to an SVG image, including animations, hyperlinks, JavaScript interaction.
  • grImport2 – Import vector images into R’s grid graphics system.
  • iNZight – A simple exploratory data analysis tool.
  • Masters Thesis – Code, demonstrations, documentation and my published Masters Thesis.
  • NormalLaplace – An R package for working with the generalised Normal Laplace and related distributions.
  • Rainbow – A small, simple JavaScript library for syntax highlighting.
  • selectr – Easily query XML documents using CSS selectors.
  • TimingManager – Sequencing for animations in JavaScript.
  • Visual Inference Tools – Generates animations for demonstrating high school and undergraduate statistical concepts.