The TimingManager library is a tool written in JavaScript used to apply animations in a web browser. It is not concerned with creation or modification of animations, it delegates those tasks to R via the animaker package. Primarily TimingManager is focused on assigning actions to existing animations, then playing animation sequences using either a declarative or frame-based approach. In other words, use animaker to describe animations, then use TimingManager to assign actions and play them.

TimingManager depends on the Underscore JavaScript library for utility functions and ensuring adequate support in multiple browsers. It also depends on the Bluebird library for cancellation.

Development occurs on GitHub in the TimingManager repository.



The documentation for using TimingManager in JavaScript is available in two forms. The first of which is API documentation. The second is a technical report which demonstrates the steps necessary to use TimingManager correctly.

In addition, the use of animaker is required for using TimingManager correctly. For more information about animaker, a technical report is available.


A complete example is available in a technical report on TimingManager. It also describes how to use animaker for usage in conjunction with TimingManager.